Alex Morash

Democrat for State Representative in the First Barnstable District

Morash Discusses Tax Relief for Seniors

Has plan to increase the senior real estate tax credit to $2,060 from $1,030.

September 2nd 2014

Yarmouth Port

Cape Cod is a wonderful place to retire and we should ensure our seniors have the ability to stay. One issue I hear about often when talking to seniors is real estate taxes. This is an important issue, and as a realtor myself I look at real estate tax data all the time. Many seniors are unaware that there is real estate tax relief and I am an advocate for its expansion. The state does have a senior citizen real estate tax credit (often called the senior "circuit breaker"). Seniors are eligible to use this tax credit if they pay rent, water bills and/or real estate taxes and can receive up to $1,030 depending on income.

This is an important program for our seniors to ensure they are not overburdened by local taxes; however the benefit maximum amount has been rising too slowly to keep up with the cost of living. This tax credit has only increased $240 over 12 years, which is hardly keeping up with rent or real estate taxes. Many modest homes on Cape Cod have real estate taxes over $3,000 a year, and some even $4,000 a year. If you combine that with water bills, $1,030 is just a small piece of assistance for those costs.

Read the full Plan here

AFT Endorse Morash

States Morash an advocate for our public schools

August 25th 2014

Yarmouth Port

Today the American Federation of Teachers of Massachusetts endorsed Alex Morash in his race for the First Barnstable. Morash’s experience and commitment to our local public schools earned him the endorsement of the AFT.

Morash stated "It's an honor to be endorsed by the AFT. As the son of two educators and a DY alumni I am a proud supporter of our public schools. Teachers play an important role in our children’s development and I will work with our teachers to provide a great education for our students.”.

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Morash Debates Education, Calls to Shutdown Pilgrim

June 20th 2014

Alex Morash led the debate at Yarmouth Town Hall going into detail the problems facing school funding, advocating to expand the senior citizen real estate tax credit, and called to shut down Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant.

Bay State Stonewall Democrats Endorse

June 2nd 2014

Yarmouth Port

Today the Bay State Stonewall Democrats, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Democrats organization for Massachusetts endorsed Alex Morash in his race for the First Barnstable.

"We endorsed Mr. Morash because he has a long history defending the LGBT community and is clearly the most prepared candidate to take on the Republican candidate. We need a strong Democrat who can win this November and that's Alex Morash!" stated Claire Naughton Co-Chair of the organization.

Fellow Co-Chair Steve Iannaccone stressed that: “Alex Morash represents the future of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts. Alex is eager and experienced in grass roots and progressive issues, and a courageous advocate for the hard working middle class as well as those most in need, the homeless and elderly.”

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My Statement on Choice

September 5th 2014

Yarmouth Port

Alex Morash has released the following statement.

“Since Mr. Ryan posted questions on Facebook about Ms. Zawadzkas not receiving a pro-choice rating from NARAL I feel it is needed for us all to clarify our positions. This is an issue that demands a clear understanding of where the candidates stands. I wanted to let voters know that I am pro choice and show where I stand on the issue. I received a pro choice rating from NARAL because I stand up for women’s health, and do not believe government should have a say in the health choices of women. I know Mr. Ryan and I both stand up for women’s rights. I am concerned about Ms. Zawadzkas’s stances on this issue. My campaign asks her to follow my lead and release her answers to NARAL so we know if she stands with women.”

See my answers here.

Morash Sits Down With the Sunday Journal

August 23rd 2014

Alex Morash discusses school funding and expanding rail service with Laura Reckford on the Sunday Journal.

In memory of my mother

August 4th 2014

On August 4th 2012 my mother Kathleen Scarlet-Morash passed away after a three year battle with breast cancer. Honoring my mother’s memory by doing good works is a major drive in the campaign and my life. In honor of her memory I want to take today to ask my friends and supporters take a moment to combat the disease. First check to make sure you and your loved ones are up to date on your cancer screenings, secondly I would ask you to take the time to help two wonderful organizations fighting for the women, men and families struggling with this disease.

These two organizations work tirelessly to help our community. One with a focus on helping the community and the other is focused on prevention. Both organizations are truly amazing and need our support!

Learn about these groups

Morash Discusses Plan to Expand Public Transit

July 18th 2014

Yarmouth Port

Alex Morash had a guest column in the Cape Cod Times discussing the need to expand public transit, instead of building a toll bridge to Cape Cod. One project Alex Morash is a strong supporter of is expanding the commuter rail to Bourne and then having an additional expansion to the Hyannis transportation center and a commuter parking station in Yarmouth off of Exit 7.

In the piece Alex states “Constructing a toll bridge at the Cape Cod Canal is poor planning on the part of the state. Cape Cod's car traffic has increased dramatically over the past three decades. We now have more drivers on the road off-season than there were during peak summer traffic in the 1980s and 1990s. Adding a third auto bridge with tolls will add to our traffic woes and penalize the roughly 10,000 residents who commute off-Cape to work.”

Read the full column on the Cape Cod Times Website

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LBGT fundraiser the Summer Soirée huge success!

June 29th 2014


Team Morash received a major boost of support at the Summer Soirée Wednesday evening at Club Cafe in Boston. LGBT activists, and supporters came in droves to come out an support Alex Morash’s campaign for state representative.

“The event surpassed expectations, we never expected such a large crowd to turn out for Alex. It just shows that he has such strong support from progressives and the LGBT community.” Stated Alex Morash’s campaign manager William Cabral.


The event included food, music and a speeches. Alex Morash was introduced by Chelsea City Council President Matt Frank. After the event Mr. Frank stated “Alex had a wonderful event and with this successful event and the endorsement of the Stonewall Democrats it shows Alex Morash has strong support in the LGBT community and with progressives across the state.”

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