Alex Morash

Democrat for State Representative in the First Barnstable District

Morash Debates Education, Calls to Shutdown Pilgrim

June 20th 2014

Alex Morash led the debate at Yarmouth Town Hall going into detail the problems facing school funding, advocating to expand the senior citizen real estate tax credit, and called to shut down Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant.

An Interview with the CIDC

The Cape and Islands Democratic Council hosted interviews for Democratic candidates at the annual JJ dinner. Thank you for giving Alex Morash a chance to speak on the issues.

Bay State Stonewall Democrats Endorse

June 2nd 2014

Yarmouth Port

Today the Bay State Stonewall Democrats, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Democrats organization for Massachusetts endorsed Alex Morash in his race for the First Barnstable.

"We endorsed Mr. Morash because he has a long history defending the LGBT community and is clearly the most prepared candidate to take on the Republican candidate. We need a strong Democrat who can win this November and that's Alex Morash!" stated Claire Naughton Co-Chair of the organization.

Fellow Co-Chair Steve Iannaccone stressed that: “Alex Morash represents the future of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts. Alex is eager and experienced in grass roots and progressive issues, and a courageous advocate for the hard working middle class as well as those most in need, the homeless and elderly.”

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Alex Morash's 30th Celebration

Saturday, July 19th 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Optimist Cafe

134 Rt. 6a Yarmouth Port, MA

Join Alex Morash as we celebrate his 30th birthday! Enjoy hors d'oeuvres, and great music with Alex and our supporters.

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LBGT fundraiser the Summer Soirée huge success!

June 29th 2014


Team Morash received a major boost of support at the Summer Soirée Wednesday evening at Club Cafe in Boston. LGBT activists, and supporters came in droves to come out an support Alex Morash’s campaign for state representative.

“The event surpassed expectations, we never expected such a large crowd to turn out for Alex. It just shows that he has such strong support from progressives and the LGBT community.” Stated Alex Morash’s campaign manager William Cabral.


The event included food, music and a speeches. Alex Morash was introduced by Chelsea City Council President Matt Frank. After the event Mr. Frank stated “Alex had a wonderful event and with this successful event and the endorsement of the Stonewall Democrats it shows Alex Morash has strong support in the LGBT community and with progressives across the state.”

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Alex Morash Tours Start Up Space

April 14th 2014

“I have heard of business incubators and collaborative workspaces and am interested in seeing Cape Cod have one of it’s own. Being able to tour these facilities gives me a better understand of the importance of these spaces”.

The tour included the main work space, a mini cafe with art gallery, lounge and meeting room space. Individuals can purchase a monthly membership for $20 and pay $2 an hour to use the space or pay $200 a month for unlimited access.

Collaborative work spaces and business incubators are shared work spaces that allow start ups and small business to have a low cost work space. It also allows these young professionals to network and brainstorm ideas together. These business partnerships spur growth and may lead to job creation on Cape Cod.

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